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Auto Repair and Roadside Assistance in DeBary, FL

January 24, 2018

Auto Repair in DeBary, FL

When an auto repair and tow company has been around in DeBary, FL for over 42 years, you know they have many satisfied return customers. Harry's Towing and Auto Repair in DeBary, FL is no different. We have a loyal customer base for our auto repair and towing services and we are expanding all the time due to word-of-mouth advertising.

We offer auto repair services for every make and model of car, foreign and domestic. We can also perform semi truck repair and RV repairs. Whether the issue is technical or cosmetic in nature, our auto repair shop is equipped to get the job done right. We have a full body shop in DeBary, FL, and all of our repairmen are trained and certified to assure competance. We do welding and fabricating to when necessary.

Towing Services for Safety Before Your Auto Repair in DeBary, FL

Our towing services in DeBary, FL are open 24/7, so any time you need an auto repair, day or night, we can at least get you off the road until the auto repair shop in DeBary, FL opens in the morning! There are 10 tow trucks waiting to tow you back to our shop, and they can be on the spot fast. They have the right tools for any job, big or small, including recovery for cars and even semi trucks. Once you and your vehicle are safe, we can start your auto repairs if necessary. Also, we give you 20% off your tow when we perform your auto repair in DeBary, FL.

Auto repair in DeBary, FL

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